ProserveUK Pre-installed Script Hosting Plans

Our Pre-installed Script Hosting Plans come with over 50 top applications pre-installed. Any of these applications may be installed by one click via the Plesk control panel.

The applications include content management systems (CMS), ecommerce solutions and blogs - it is up to you to install as few or as many as you need. The majority are completely free, a few require licences to be purchased from the developer once the trial period is expired.

These packages can be used by those with little or no web design experience to produce a professional looking site. Comprehensive instructions for each package can be found on the application developer's site - details are provided in the Plesk control panel.

Still not convinced or sceptical about our quality? Take our 1 month no obligation trial - no payment or card details required.

Basic Information
  • Web Space
  • Monthly Bandwidth
  • One Month Trial
  • Price (from) 
Script 250
  • From 250MB
  • From 12GB
  • £17.99
Script 500
  • From 500MB
  • From 24GB
  • £21.99
Script 1000
  • From 1000MB
  • From 48GB
  • £25.99
Script Trial
  • From 500MB
  • From 24GB
  • Free!

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